“Where are all the women?”

This is a common question you may hear at LGBT Mormon events. And its true. The faces of the gay community are primarily gay men. When most Mormons think of homosexuality, they see two men. All of the scriptures demonizing homosexuality reference behavior between men.

From the time we were in Primary and Young Women’s, we learn that a celestial marriage to a man should be the most important goal in our lives. Many LDS girls graduate from high school and pursue this goal wholeheartedly. Some of us, however, sat through those years uncomfortable and confused. Most of us didn’t want those things.

Thankfully, we have a home and community in Affirmation. As your sisters in Zion, we love you. We will laugh with you, cry with you, and walk with you on this crazy path called life. But most importantly, we will love with you. You are our sister, and we all stand together.