Submit Names for the International Conference In Memoriam Program

September 7, 2020


Over 30 years ago, with our community impacted by the AIDS epidemic, Affirmation began to dedicate a portion of its annual conference to remember those who we lost. Over the years, this portion of the conference in memoriam has expanded included anyone that those within the Affirmation community has lost, whether they were lost to HIV/AIDs, suicide, or otherwise. This is an opportunity for our community to stop, pause, say their name, and be collectively empowered by their memory.

As the Affirmation International Conference is virtual this year, we’re asking that anyone who wants a name included in this program to submit the name using the form below. Their name will be shown on screen during the October 4 plenary session of the conference. All names must be submitted by September 26th.

Name Submission

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