Community Submissions

Recognizing the Right to Our Identities

September 21, 2022 |

The recognition of our identity goes through a necessary exercise of self-valuation and self-recognition of who we are; of that unique essence that makes us truly authentic and valuable.

Mirror, Mirror: The Magic of Love from a Fairy Tale

September 21, 2022 |

This was another unforgettable activity hosted by Affirmation Venezuela that focused on recognizing that we are children of our Heavenly Father and that He loves us.

Finding a Loving Home in Affirmation

August 14, 2022 |

I couldn’t understand why I was being judged for wanting to be loved, understood, and cared for. I was at my lowest, looking for help. That’s when I found in Affirmation a home and a family where I was loved and could be authentic.

Finding My Self-Esteem in Affirmation Dominican Republic

July 25, 2022 |

Affirmation has helped me to rebuild my self-esteem. I’m grateful for being a part of Affirmation. I am happy in my knowledge that Jesus Christ lives and that he is my Savior.

Former Mormon Preserving History of Struggle for Gay Rights in Washington

June 28, 2022 |

We have to be strong in the face of opposition that seeks to place doubt and fear in the hearts of those succumbing to their lies. Facing those fears with kindness, patience, and full faith and confidence, the truth will eventually prevail.

The Power of Jesus Christ to Overcome Guilt

June 21, 2022 |

Affirmation is a space created by our Lord to include those who were excluded and to liberate and heal with His example and love all the beloved and multicolored hearts who have been wounded by pain and, above all, by the guilt inflicted by believing that we are not worthy of His great love.

The Feeling of Butterflies in Your Stomach

June 21, 2022 |

Believing I had no other choice, I also had a girlfriend, but I never felt the butterflies in my stomach that I did on that day in the school courtyard when I saw that boy.

Salt Lake Temple

“If I may but touch…”

May 18, 2022 |

I had found a measure of peace that told me that I was going to be okay. That who I was, who I am, is okay. While I have at times questioned this, I also feel that I have opened the door wide enough for the Lord to redirect me if that be His will. Hearing none, I have moved forward.

Celebrating our Unique Identities

April 1, 2022 |

The divisions caused by our divine varied identities are temporary. Our identities connect us with Our Father in more extensive and wonderful ways than we can imagine. We share a divine origin and a glorious future. We should celebrate the wonderful present, inclusive of the full colors of God’s creation.