“Families Are Forever” to Be Screened in Palm Springs

September 21, at 11 AM at Camelot Theaters

Wendy Montomery with husband Tom
Wendy Montomery with husband Tom

by Hugo Salinas

“Families are Forever” will be screened as part of Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. The 21-minute documentary describes the experiences of an LDS family from Bakersfield, the Montgomerys, raising a 15-year-old gay son.

The screening will be September 21, starting at 11:00 am in a program titled, “Growing Up Gay” that includes other shorts as well.

“Having a gay son has been an unexpected blessing in my life,” Wendy Montogomery told an audience of 300 people gathered for a recent screening in Salt Lake City. “It has made me a better Christian, and taught me more how the Savior wants me to love.”

Tickets are $ 13 and can be purchased at this site. For more information, visit the Film Festival site.


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