Afirmación Brasil elige nuevo presidente

8 de diciembre de 2019

Rony Mesquita y Alexsandro Barbosa

Rony Mesquita y Alexsandro Barbosa

En su conferencia celebrada el mes pasado, Afirmación Brasil eligió a su próximo presidente, que servirá durante dos años a partir del 1 de enero de 2020. El elegido fue Alexsandro Barbosa, quien se ha desempeñado como vicepresidente de Afirmación Brasil.

Alexsandro Barbosa is 40 years old. He’s a hairdresser and entrepreneur in the beauty industry. He and his husband, Ron Mesquita, have been married for 18 years.

Alexsandro was raised in a Latter-day Saint home and served a full-time mission in the Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission but stepped away from the church after marrying his husband.

“Affirmation is an organization that became family for me,” Alexsandro shared. “I found friends and brothers who shared the same sexual orientation, faith, and spirituality who were united and maintaining their essence while being true to themselves,” he continued, “I was raised to serve and help others, and I found in Affirmation that I could be myself. I fully accept myself now. I am a gay man and without a doubt a beloved child of Heavenly Father.”


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