Affirmation USA/Canada Regional Teams Organized

marzo 12, 2019

As part of its chapter development initiative, Affirmation has organized five regional leadership teams whose purpose is to facilitate communication between local chapters and the International Board and to provide support and coaching to local chapter leaders.

On March 10th, President Nathan Kitchen conducted a meeting of the newly-formed United States/Canada Area Committee to discuss the next stage in Affirmation’s chapter development initiative: organizing (or re-organizing) 33 local chapters.

Each regional leader will be assigned to support 2-3 chapters or may have a special assignment, as determined by the regional leadership team.

The regional leadership teams have been finalized, and now stand as follows:

Región atlántica

Supports the DC, New England, New York City, and Ontario chapters

Kerry Spencer, President
Bianca Cline, Vice President

Región Intermountain West

Supports the Arizona, Calgary, Denver, Eastern Idaho, Las Vegas, Northern Utah, Provo/Central Utah, Salt Lake, Spokane, St. George, and Western Idaho chapters.

Troy Mitchell, President
Ann Pack, Vice President
Jennifer Saunders, Vice President
Madison McConkie, Vice President
Peter Moosman, Vice President

Región del Medio Oeste

Supports the Ann Arbor, Chicago, Columbus, Kansas City, and Twin Cities chapters.

Nick Rhodes, President
Steven Dunn, Vice President

Región pacífica

Supports the Bay Area, Hawaii, L.A., Northwest, Portland, Sacramento, and San Diego chapters.

Robert Rookhuyzen, President
A. Todd Jones, Vice President
Jenn Lee Smith, Vice President

Región Sur

Supports the Alabama, Dallas, Florida, Houston, Louisville, and Southeast chapters.

Steve Spencer, President
Melissa Soper, Vice President

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