Informes y charlas de conferencias de afirmación

2019 International Conference Group

Video: People and Moments of the 2019 Affirmation International Conference

23/06/2019 |

As part of the closing session of the 2019 Affirmation International Conference, we took a look at some of the amazing people and special moments at this year’s conference.

2019 International Conference

Photos and Video: 2019 Affirmation Spring Conference

16/05/2019 |

In conjunction with the ALL: LDS Arizona LGBT Conference in Mesa Arizona, Affirmation hosted a Spring Conference May 3rd through May 5th, 2019, providing additional opportunities for the Affirmation community to connect with the theme of  Connecting with Community: You have a Place.

At First Affirmation Conference in Spain, New Chapter Is Organized

03/11/2018 |

Affirmation recently held its first conference in Spain. The conference ran from September 21st to the 23rd in Barcelona. During the conference, the first Affirmation chapter in Spain was organized. Rafael Bravo has been appointed as president of the Affirmation Spain Chapter.

Castillo de arena

Castillos en la arena: construyendo una nueva vida para encontrar la felicidad

18/09/2018 |

Hoy soy una persona que triunfó en la vida, por todo lo que luché y busqué, me convertí en una persona segura y decidida. Con todo lo que pasó, nunca perdí mi fe y mi espiritualidad. Hoy me acepto. Mi familia me acepta. Lo más importante de todo es que construí nuevos castillos para mi vida.

Cristina Moraes 2018 International Conference

Fighting for a Place in the Sun as LGBTQ Mormons

28/07/2018 |

Our time here has a purpose. You were born LGBT. You were born to lead and fight for this cause, and that is our privilege. We want to have the opportunity to prove that we are worthy and enlightened as members of the LGBT community and as members of the LGBT Mormon community.

Savannah Stevenson

The Trials That Bring Us to Where We Are

27/07/2018 |

I know that things don’t always work out beautifully. They certainly don’t for me. In the times that my life gets really really hard, it helps to remind me that God does have a plan for me, that He does care for me, and that He can see the full picture when I can only see part.

Dani Jones 2018 International Conference

Seguir donde la vida nos tira: convertirnos en la persona que queremos ser

27/07/2018 |

What do we truly want? What does God want us to be? If we are not honest with ourselves on this journey, we risk losing our very worth. If we deny another’s chance to live honestly, we put them in danger. Follow wherever life pulls you; whether you believe that pull is from God or from your own intuition, just follow it.

Foto de anillos de boda

Gay Marriage and Faith in Christ

05/07/2018 |

I feel distant, but at the same time not, from the church. I feel far away in the physical sense, not knowing sometimes how to introduce my husband, but close because I am with my Heavenly Father, and being close to Him unites me with the church and unifies my marriage.

Gregory Prince

Mormones, homosexualidad, cambio e incertidumbre

29/05/2018 |

Gregory Prince rastrea el desarrollo en el manejo de la homosexualidad por parte de la Iglesia Mormona, las posibilidades futuras de cambio y cómo la medicina ha evolucionado su comprensión. Habla de la necesidad de que los mormones gays, lesbianas y bisexuales tengan relaciones saludables con la iglesia.