Conferencia Internacional de Afirmación


Envíe los nombres para el programa In Memoriam de la Conferencia Internacional

07/09/2020 |

A lo largo de los años, esta parte de la conferencia in memoriam se ha ampliado para incluir a cualquier persona que haya perdido la comunidad de Afirmación, ya sea que se haya perdido por el VIH / SIDA, el suicidio o cualquier otra causa. Esta es una oportunidad para que nuestra comunidad se detenga, haga una pausa, diga su nombre y sea empoderada colectivamente por su memoria.

Mujer sorprendida en computadora

Conviértase en miembro sustentador de Affirmation y regístrese gratis en la conferencia internacional

06/09/2020 |

En agradecimiento por su apoyo, los miembros de apoyo reciben descuentos en las conferencias de Afirmación. Dado que la Conferencia Internacional de Afirmación será virtual este año, se decidió que los miembros actuales y nuevos tendrían la opción de registrarse para la conferencia sin costo alguno.

Dustin Lance Blac

Dustin Lance Black será entrevistado por Blaire Ostler en la Conferencia Internacional de Afirmación

06/09/2020 |

El punto culminante de la sesión de apertura del 26 de septiembre de la Conferencia Internacional Afirmación seguramente será una entrevista del cineasta, escritor y activista social ganador del Premio de la Academia® Dustin Lance Black por Blaire Ostler.

2019 Affirmation International Conference

2019 Affirmation International Conference

21/06/2019 |

Being your authentic self can be a revolutionary act. Whether it’s being open with your sexual orientation, expressing your gender identity, or practicing your faith; just being you can be…

Perro y flores

Dos grados fuera del centro: si tu perro fuera gay ...

06/06/2019 |

I offer this original poem in the hope it will help this world and the people in it to take a few deep breaths, let go of the fear and stress from their minds and bodies, and get back to the truth that is the love of a dog and why we call him Man’s Best Friend.


Dos grados fuera del centro: el miedo a uno

02/05/2019 |

If you attend the Affirmation International Conference next month, find a stranger and get to know them. It may be the only time each year they can be who they really are in front of others…and you’ll leave with a greater love for your fellow man, whoever or wherever they may be.

Cristina Moraes 2018 International Conference

Fighting for a Place in the Sun as LGBTQ Mormons

28/07/2018 |

Our time here has a purpose. You were born LGBT. You were born to lead and fight for this cause, and that is our privilege. We want to have the opportunity to prove that we are worthy and enlightened as members of the LGBT community and as members of the LGBT Mormon community.

Savannah Stevenson

The Trials That Bring Us to Where We Are

27/07/2018 |

I know that things don’t always work out beautifully. They certainly don’t for me. In the times that my life gets really really hard, it helps to remind me that God does have a plan for me, that He does care for me, and that He can see the full picture when I can only see part.

Dani Jones 2018 International Conference

Seguir donde la vida nos tira: convertirnos en la persona que queremos ser

27/07/2018 |

What do we truly want? What does God want us to be? If we are not honest with ourselves on this journey, we risk losing our very worth. If we deny another’s chance to live honestly, we put them in danger. Follow wherever life pulls you; whether you believe that pull is from God or from your own intuition, just follow it.