Secretos y lo sagrado de quienes somos

27/09/2017 |

Soy mormón. Y yo soy gay. Y todas esas identidades son sagradas. Todos son santos. Todas son verdades ungidas que me hacen quien soy.

Hacer que el amor gane

27/09/2017 |

Temía volver a ponerme el disfraz. No importa cuán hermoso fuera, no importa cuán deseable lo encontraran otros, no tenía sentido existir dentro de un disfraz.

Bill Bradshaw

The Need for Authenticity

11/06/2017 |

It’s not pleasant when you don’t fit in.  And one of the ways we learn to cope is to sacrifice integrity.  I suppose that we’ve all been guilty of a little deception in order not to be seen as different.  Agreeing verbally with what everyone in the group is saying, when you really don’t believe it.  Failing to speak up and say “That’s not right” when that would put you at odds with the majority.  Going along with the pressure to conform.  But self-deception turns out to be hard to bear and hard to maintain.

Believe in Yourself and Believe in God’s Love for You

30/09/2013 |

A Statement by the Executive Committee of Affirmation: LGBT Mormons, Families and Friends