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Joven sentado con la cabeza entre las manos triste desesperación vergüenza

“Estas cosas”: Alma condena el asalto espiritual

10/09/2019 |

It is credible, therefore, to infer that the “these things” he was referring to are in fact any activities that lead to others’ loss of faith. Alma would have his son and anyone within the sound of his voice understand that spiritual injury to others is comparable to physical violence.

Foto de libro, posiblemente la Biblia, con un corazón de dos páginas.

¡Absolutamente no!

25/09/2018 |

Absolutists don’t exist “in and of themselves.” As we come to the time of General Conference, we relativists need to listen carefully for those knife-edged messages that can slice the hearts of those most fragile among us and be vocal in saying, “I don’t think so.”