Chapter Development

Perro y flores

Dos grados fuera del centro: si tu perro fuera gay ...

06/06/2019 |

I offer this original poem in the hope it will help this world and the people in it to take a few deep breaths, let go of the fear and stress from their minds and bodies, and get back to the truth that is the love of a dog and why we call him Man’s Best Friend.


Dos grados fuera del centro: el miedo a uno

02/05/2019 |

If you attend the Affirmation International Conference next month, find a stranger and get to know them. It may be the only time each year they can be who they really are in front of others…and you’ll leave with a greater love for your fellow man, whoever or wherever they may be.

Parque de conferencias de afirmación

Affirmation USA/Canada Regional Teams Organized

12/03/2019 |

On March 10th, President Nathan Kitchen conducted a meeting of the newly-formed United States/Canada Area Committee to discuss the next stage in Affirmation’s chapter development initiative: organizing (or re-organizing) 33 local chapters.

Afirmación: Mormones, familias y amigos LGBT

Historic Reorganization of the World’s Oldest and Largest Community for LGBTQ Mormons

06/03/2019 |

Affirmation launches new chapter development initiative to bring face-to-face community to 90% of LGBTQ Mormons in the US and Canada.

Parque de conferencias de afirmación

Audio: Affirmation Launches “Historic” Chapter Development Efforts with Organizational Web Conference

19/02/2019 |

Over 70 members of the Affirmation community signed on Sunday, February 17th, to participate in a web conference detailing Affirmation’s efforts to organize and strengthen chapters throughout the United States and Canada to provide vital face-to-face communities to support LGBTQ Mormons, their family members, and friends.