Gay Mens Chorus Centro de visitantes del templo de Washington DC

Gayety en el templo: el Coro de Hombres Gay de Washington se presenta en el Centro de Visitantes del Templo de DC

18/12/2019 |

A single concert is only one step forward in a longer process of change and healing. In truth there is still a long way to go for the LGBT community can truly feel accepted and have a sense of belonging in the Church. Love is what we have in common, expressed in the voices of the chorus and reflected in the rising joy and hope in the hearts of everyone in the audience.

Hidrante de Navidad

Dos grados fuera del centro: el verdadero significado de la Navidad

08/12/2019 |

Every year at Christmas time, society turns into a frenzy as we get caught up in buying more stuff to add to the stuff we already have but never use. We give stuff to each other, and we buy more stuff for ourselves. We worship Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Travel Tuesday, and every other manufactured holiday, all designed to get us to buy more stuff.

Adornos de navidad

Felices fiestas de Afirmación

21/12/2018 |

Algunos de nosotros podemos encontrar que la Navidad es una afirmación de la fe, mientras que otros pueden estar luchando por definir o comprender sus identidades espirituales. Ahora que nos encontramos en medio de la celebración de las fiestas, es mi deseo que cada uno de nosotros sea amable con nosotros mismos en nuestros procesos.

Light the World

LGBT Mormons can #LIGHTtheWORLD Too

28/11/2017 |

Service is a hallmark of the LDS Church. For the second year, the Church is encouraging members to serve others throughout December to celebrate the birth of Christ. LGBT Mormons can, and perhaps should, #LIGHTtheWORLD too. What kinds of service might you give to help the LGBT community this Christmas season?

Christmas Tree Flower Glitter

A Christmas Message from South Africa

24/12/2015 |

What seems to be a hopeless situation, an endless struggle, diminished potential, or a lost cause, the most unlikely to have a happy outcome, a series of irrelevant events, or just some confirmation that my prejudices are correct turns out to be a pretty big deal indeed. A Saviour is born, not as the Emperor of China or the spiritual leader of the Roman Empire, but as ‘just another kid’ with dubious prospects.

Pesebre de Navidad

Celebrando la Navidad con sus enseñanzas de inclusión absoluta

21/12/2015 |

Apoyaremos las palabras de “letra roja” del mismo Jesús, siguiendo sus políticas radicales de amor absoluto e inclusión absoluta. Estas son las palabras y las acciones que celebraremos esta Navidad, porque estas son las “noticias de gran alegría”.

Dar el don de la afirmación

29/12/2013 |

Christmas is a season of giving. We remember Mary, who gave birth to Jesus; the Wise Men, who brought gifts to the Child; Joseph, who worked as a carpenter and,…

Affirmation Christmas Party in Washington DC

06/01/2013 |

Chants Intoned, Albino Pachyderms Exchanged by Edward Jones III I was at the office far too early in the morning. I heard a noise and looked through the haze of cigarette…