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Soy un hijo de Dios Póster Código de honor de BYU por Jacob Payne

Sea uno: escuchando a los estudiantes LGBTQ + en BYU

22/04/2020 |

They were born into OUR Mormon families. They grew up singing the same Primary songs, learning the value of family relationships and wanting that for themselves, being taught they are each a child of God, learning to love one another, learning to get their own answers through prayer, and learning to stand up for what is right, even if they must stand alone.

Coche Conducción Sepia Invierno Primavera

COVID-19 y la debacle del Código de Honor: una meditación existencial

17/03/2020 |

As I began my drive, I viewed the hillsides, fields, and woodlands here in upstate New York. Such scenery has become my chapel of holy reflection, and I was lost in the beauty of my surroundings. Despite the fact that the snows have only just receded and the color scheme is still tawny, slate, and charcoal, I still see God’s creation in all of it. I find God in nature, and God finds me there, too. 

Un pueblo peculiar

Dos grados fuera del centro: un pueblo peculiar

13/03/2020 |

¿Cómo manejo este enojo que siento y sigo siendo auténtico? ¿Cómo puedo refrenar estas pasiones y canalizar este enojo para poder volver a sentir el amor cristiano? El Señor y yo lo hablamos bastante durante la semana pasada y encontré una respuesta. No es la respuesta de todos, pero es mía.

Gay Kids Grow Up Mormon

Las reglas no escritas pueden causar mucho daño en BYU

07/03/2020 |

All students have the right, regardless of sexual orientation to enjoy chaste, affectionate public behavior without any fear of reprisal. LGB students are worthy of the same rights, protections, and freedom of loving expressions which are afforded their heterosexual peers.