Why Affirmation?

12/12/2016 |

There was a constant struggle between my mind and my heart. I felt desolate, like in that passage of the Bible: Tossed by every wave of the sea, without purpose or direction. Then Affirmation appeared in my life.

The Community of Faith

23/02/2016 |

In order for us to have a healthy relationship with the Church, we have to have a strong relationship with God…. If it is difficult for us to believe in God, at the very least we need to trust ourselves.

Principio ... no política ...

07/02/2016 |

Dios nos hizo una promesa. “Si alguno de vosotros tiene falta de sabiduría, pídala a Dios, que da a todos abundantemente y sin reproche; y le será dado ”. Dios escucha y responde las oraciones y está íntimamente consciente de las pruebas y tribulaciones que enfrentamos. Y nunca abandonará a quienes lo buscan y le piden con fe… creyendo que Él responderá.

Tus hijos están escuchando

05/02/2016 |

Puse una cara feliz durante mi adolescencia. Ni siquiera mi familia sabía cuánto me dolía. Por favor, comprenda que sus / nuestros hijos están escuchando. Los comentarios negativos sobre las personas LGBTQ o los comentarios negativos sobre el matrimonio homosexual serán dolorosos. Las heridas pueden ser profundas y duraderas.

All Flesh

27/12/2015 |

I see a grassroots yearning for more satisfactory answers to our existential questions about homosexuality, and more satisfactory resolutions to the challenges created by the existence of gay people in a social system that was designed as if they didn’t really exist. As far as I can tell, our leadership at the highest levels is not “out of touch” with the general membership when it comes to this. They are wrestling with the issues as much as anyone else, though their process is not as publicly visible.

Strengthening and Preserving the Family

27/06/2015 |

To many individuals, phrases like “strengthening and preserving the family” or “defending the family,” sound like a commonsense invocation of concern about the well-being of one of the fundamental building blocks of society. Of course we should strengthen, preserve and defend the family. However, to most gay, lesbian, bi and transgender people, and to their families and loved ones, such phrases often sound menacing and demoralizing. We are accustomed to hearing people describe the very existence of LGBT people as a threat to the family.

Affirmation Leaders Applaud the Growing Non-Discrimination Consensus

05/03/2015 |

For those of us who are lesbian, gay, bi or transgender and LDS, it is reassuring that our Church has gone on record to stand with us against those who would bully us or discriminate against us.

Sodom and Gomorrah: Arrogant, Overfed and Unconcerned

01/03/2014 |

Note: This is the second in a series of articles that will directly address upcoming 2014 Church curriculum lesson material that could unnecessarily lead to editorializing on homosexuality and same-sex marriage and be hurtful to members of our community. We recommend you prayerfully consider how you might share this article with others.

Affirmation’s “Prepare Group” Launched

30/09/2013 |

Affirmation Launches Facebook Group for Individuals in or Seeking Same-sex Relationships, Who Wish to Stay Active in the Church.