Finding Space to Be Authentic

08/02/2015 |

Affirmation members from across the country and from all walks-of-life came to Fort Myers, Florida last week to participate in workshops, discussions, social events and spiritual edification. Some of us were looking for answers to life’s toughest questions. Others just needed a friend. Whatever life story was shared, the heart felt plea from Affirmation leaders and the few members whom trod familiar paths was to be authentic and be yourself.

Affirmation Members in the News, Discussing the January 27, 2015 LDS Church Statement on Religious Freedom and Anti-Discrimination Ordinances

01/02/2015 |

The LDS Church’s January 27, 2015 statement on religious freedom and on anti-discrimination ordinances has attracted a fair amount of media attention and discussion, including interviews with a number of Affirmation members and leaders

LGBT Mormon Participation in General Conference

05/10/2014 |

By the Affirmation Executive Committee

Despite the struggles and rejection many of us have experienced in our home wards and stakes, many of us have testimonies of the Gospel and want to participate in the work of building the Kingdom of God both in and beyond the Church.

Many of us come to General Conference wondering if there’s a place for us in the church, and yearning for church leaders to speak to the doubt, pain, confusion and fear so many of us feel. Here are our take-aways from the 2014 October General Conference.

Perspectives on the April 2014 General Conference from the Affirmation Executive Committee

07/04/2014 |

Perhaps the most significant message of General Conference for LGBT Mormons, their families and friends had to do with the strong emphasis on empathy

Revelación, albedrío e integridad: una discusión de los comentarios hechos en la Conferencia General

31/10/2013 |

El 9 de octubre, Afirmación patrocinó una teleconferencia para discutir la reciente Conferencia General SUD, que incluyó declaraciones del élder Oaks y el élder Nelson, condenando el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo. Lo que sigue es una transcripción de la discusión.

Affirmation to Sponsor Conference Call about General Conference

04/10/2013 |

Please join a conference call this Wednesday at 9:00 Eastern/7:00 Mountain, to discuss and reflect upon the October 2013 General Conference.

Bay Area Group celebra su primera reunión

22/06/2013 |

On June 2nd we had an LDS LGBT fireside/social at our house in the San Francisco Bay Area.

New Forum Seeks to Reflect on LGBT Mormon Experience

12/01/2013 |

A new online forum seeks to discuss the LGBT Mormon experience from a variety of perspectives.