Independientemente de lo que pueda suceder en la iglesia, el Señor nunca nos olvida

26/07/2015 |

“There is a lot of confusing noise out there and it will only get louder as we and fellow church members and leaders navigate the transition to an affirming Zion society that values all families. If we focus on the un-affirming noise or contribute to the unkindness we will quickly lose sight of the sweet peace the Gospel can bring.”

Mormons March in Vegas Pride

30/09/2013 |

Carrying signs that read, “Pro-Gay Mormon,” “Jesus Said Love Everyone—Treat them Kindly Too,” and “I am the Rainbow Sheep of My Family,” a group of nearly 50 Latter-day Saints marched in Las Vegas Pride on the evening of September 6.

Kerry L. Rutz (1959-2013)

15/03/2013 |

Lamentamos anunciar el fallecimiento de Kerry Rutz, de 53 años, quien se quitó la vida en Nueva York el 25 de febrero. Kerry creció en una familia SUD, pero a los 24 años dejó la iglesia.