LGBT People

Images of Equality

27/03/2013 |

Curtis Penfold: “I love the idea of marriage so much that I want everyone to be able to get married”

Mormons Participate in Utah Rallies, Oppose Discrimination

23/03/2013 |

With heavy LDS participation, two rallies were held on the steps of the Utah capitol last week in support of a state bill protecting housing and employment for LGBT people.

El hermano Kloosterman va a Springfield

23/02/2013 |

Although I am no longer a sitting bishop, it was a great privilege to stand with these amazing women and men who signed an open letter of support for the proposed Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act

That Healing Power of Paradox!

30/01/2013 |

Affirmation provides a forum for listening to stories, suspending all judgment, and challenging assumptions when open to be challenged in return