Richard Keys

El amor es la clave, tanto en la tierra como en el cielo

04/01/2019 |

Puedo usar mi talento para escribir, hablar en público, música y mi sentido del humor (mis tontos bichos) para ayudar a la gente a entender lo que significa ser gay y mormón, y lo que no significa, y Él quiere. que permanezca en la Iglesia donde seré más eficaz en la realización de este trabajo.

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Funeral Thought: Is There Such a Thing as a Counterfeit Marriage?

03/12/2018 |

Aunt Barbara was tremendously blessed at the end of her life to be able to marry another man after the death of her first husband. Nobody would argue her second marriage was not beneficial, but I can’t help but think of how characteristics of it mirror marriages some call “counterfeit.”

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Gay Marriage and Faith in Christ

05/07/2018 |

I feel distant, but at the same time not, from the church. I feel far away in the physical sense, not knowing sometimes how to introduce my husband, but close because I am with my Heavenly Father, and being close to Him unites me with the church and unifies my marriage.

Encouragement to Extend the Invitation

05/03/2018 |

Getting married to a man was hard for my family, but they were really great. I invited all my siblings and even some of my extended family. That being said, I was selective about who I invited. I didn’t feel the need to invite people that I didn’t feel particularly close to or people that I felt wouldn’t be supportive or happy on the day. My parents were still on the fence about things a bit, I think, but they were willing to come to support me and now they love my husband a lot. 

Coming Out as Families in Utah

24/01/2014 |

Alongside dropping temperatures across much of the country, on Monday morning we also felt the U.S. Supreme Court’s stay of same-sex marriages in Utah blow a chill across the jubilation of the last two and a half weeks.

Sam Fullmer: “I Support Marriage Equality in Hawaii”

18/11/2013 |

by Hugo Salinas Sam Fullmer, center, demonstrated last week at the Hawaii State Capitol Building, where legislators are debating a law that could bring marriage equality to the Aloha State.…

Randall Thacker Featured in No More Strangers

15/11/2013 |

Affirmation President Randall Thacker wrote an article about marriage equality which has been posted on the No More Strangers blog.

Community of Christ to Start Marrying, Blessing Same-Sex Couples

30/04/2013 |

Formerly Known as the RLDS, Church Will Also Ordain Gays and Lesbians Who Are Married or Partnered

Images of Equality

27/03/2013 |

Curtis Penfold: “I love the idea of marriage so much that I want everyone to be able to get married”