Matt Easton

Winter into Summer

Winter into Summer: Inevitable Change and the Need for Vigilance

07/05/2019 |

Society is coming to the truth that gender and sexuality do not fit neatly into boxes, that they entail numerous gradations, that they may be fluid, and how individuals respond to their own gender and sexuality is really a matter of individual agency.

Nathan Kitchen

Ignore Those Shouting from the ‘Great and Spacious Building’

05/05/2019 |

Regrettably, on social media, these friends and neighbors pointed their fingers and mocked a young gay valedictorian, just because he delivered a BYU-approved speech at his commencement. It was a surreal moment as the comment sections became a “great and spacious building,” as spoken of in Lehi’s vision in the Book of Mormon, full of detractors scoffing at LGBTQ members of the church pressing onward towards the tree of life.

Valedictorian de BYU: 'Estoy orgulloso de ser un Hijo de Dios gay'

27/04/2019 |

Fue en estos tranquilos momentos de dolor y confusión que sentí otro triunfo: el de llegar a un acuerdo, no con lo que pensé que debería ser, sino con lo que el Señor me hizo ser.