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Will LGBTQ+ Mormons Ever Find a “Champion” in the LDS President?

13/01/2018 |

Thomas S. Monson helped to established Genesis, a group that supported men and women impacted by the priesthood ban. He was seen as a champion for these members. Will there ever be a champion for LGBTQ+ Mormons in the highest leadership of the LDS Church?

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PBS Documentary Describes the Gay Mormon Experience, LDS Authoritarianism

31/05/2007 |

There’s something terribly tragic that not only Mormons, but most religions have such a hard time with the odd ducks. The bottom line is that most of us are odd to a greater or lesser extent. And embracing the odd duck to me is the measure of true religion.

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Lesbian Mormon History

31/03/1997 |

While there is ample documentation about the impact of Church policy on gay men, it is less clear to what extent women have been impacted. In general, we know very little about the experiences of LDS women who love women.