Queer Women

Maude Adams como Peter Pan

Maude Adams: mormona, lesbiana y el primer Peter Pan de Broadway

07/02/2019 |

Maude Adams never married, and the absence of relationships with men was used by Frohman, her producer, to create a public image of her being virtuous and innocent. It is now believed that Adams was a lesbian who enjoyed long-term relationships with two woman over the course of her lifetime.

Calendario 2018

Las 10 publicaciones principales de Affirmation en 2018

28/12/2018 |

As we close out the year 2018, it’s a good time to reflect on all that’s happened over the year. This year’s top ten posts on the Affirmation website highlight many of the events and concerns affecting the Affirmation community this year, including the transition to a new Latter-day Saint First Presidency, a response to words out of general conference, a focus on suicide prevention, and more. Here are our top ten posts for 2018.

Secretos y lo sagrado de quienes somos

27/09/2017 |

Soy mormón. Y yo soy gay. Y todas esas identidades son sagradas. Todos son santos. Todas son verdades ungidas que me hacen quien soy.

Hacer que el amor gane

27/09/2017 |

Temía volver a ponerme el disfraz. No importa cuán hermoso fuera, no importa cuán deseable lo encontraran otros, no tenía sentido existir dentro de un disfraz.