Dos grados fuera del centro: es solo cuestión de tiempo

11/01/2019 |

No buildings were leveled to the ground, the sun came up like it always does, students studied, teachers taught, no one was struck dumb, the visiting GA’s could drink their favorite soda in the light of day and not hide in the shadows.

I Need Him Too – BYU USGA Shares an Important Video

14/04/2015 |

I Need Him Too is intended to remind BYU students, Mormons, and people everywhere, that just because someone is lesbian, gay, bisexual, trasngender, queer, or same-sex attracted, does not mean they can’t be spiritual, Mormon, a member of the Church, or believe in God and Jesus Christ. In the war of rhetoric and emotions over same-sex marriage, and anti-discrimination and religious rights legislation, what is too often lost is the reality that there are people in the middle. Real people. With hopes and dreams just like you. This is not “us” verses “them.”

Los estudiantes de BYU hablan con franqueza sobre el suicidio

14/10/2013 |

Understanding Same-Gender Attraction (USGA), un grupo de BYU para estudiantes LGBT, ha lanzado "Just Be There", un video de 6 minutos con estudiantes LGBT BYU que describen con franqueza sus experiencias al lidiar con la depresión y sus intentos de quitarse la vida.

BYU-Idaho Group Fosters Understanding around LGBT Issues

19/01/2013 |

Understanding Same Gender Attraction, commonly referred to as USGA, is an unofficial group of BYU-Idaho students, whose primary goal is to foster understanding on the topic of homosexuality as a Latter-Day Saint.