Eli and Skylar

From Tinder to Temple

05/05/2019 |

Sometimes I think back to that time I was dating everyone in the state of Utah–how I was using Tinder to find someone who wasn’t weird–how I thought if I just spent enough time on that app I would eventually find someone who wasn’t weird. And the irony is that I just ended up with the weirdest person on Tinder. But he’s my kind of weird. He’s the kind of weird who thinks the Kirtland temple is a great first date location for a couple of gays.

Affirmation Remains Committed to Conversion Therapy Ban until Every Youth Is Safe

11/03/2019 |

We affirm that LGBTQ youth and adults are not broken and do not need to be “changed” or “fixed” in any way from the beautiful souls that they are.

Samantha Allen Real Queer America

Former BYU Student Samatha Allen Shares Stories of LGBTQ Americans in Conservative States

06/03/2019 |

Samantha Allen toured some of the most conservative states in the US to collect and share the stories of the LGBTQ Americans who live there. She’s now published this collection of stories in her new book.

Laurie Lee Hall

Laurie Lee Hall, vicepresidenta sénior de Afirmación, advierte contra la transgresión en 'Mormon Land' de Salt Lake Tribune

12/02/2019 |

“En última instancia, un individuo a menudo llega a un punto en el que debe vivir como se siente internamente, en su mente y corazón, como es”, explicó Hall. "La identidad es un sentido de uno mismo que está en la mente, en el corazón y en el alma que trasciende la biología física real, sea lo que sea".

Animador de "Coco" en Keynote Affirmation International Conference

22/03/2018 |

Misionero regresado. Graduado de BYU. Bailarín. Animador digital aclamado. Padre. Marido. Gay. Emron Grover tiene una gran experiencia que compartirá en la Conferencia Internacional de Afirmación 2018. Es un animador de Pixar que ha trabajado en películas como "Up", "Brave", "Inside Out" y "Coco".

"Donde está el amor": consulte el calendario completo de la conferencia de Afirmación 2016

07/08/2016 |

El tiempo de la conferencia llegará pronto, y estamos emocionados de tener oradores, programas y talleres increíbles que se enfocan en el empoderamiento de los jóvenes, historias trans y de género queer, cuidado personal, interseccionalidad, encontrar un camino espiritual auténtico, ¡y mucho, mucho más!

Vigil for Orlando in Utah

20/06/2016 |

We need safe spaces to discuss and work through the pain that has just been inflicted upon our fellow humans, upon members of our community. Let’s do everything within our power to create communities of safety and refuge. It’s always the time to offer our love and care to those in pain.

Affirmation Leaders Applaud the Growing Non-Discrimination Consensus

05/03/2015 |

For those of us who are lesbian, gay, bi or transgender and LDS, it is reassuring that our Church has gone on record to stand with us against those who would bully us or discriminate against us.

Affirmation Community Members Share Thoughts about SCOTUS Refusal to Hear Marriage Ban Appeals

12/10/2014 |

The recent Supreme Court refusal to rule on four appeals in cases where lower courts had struck down same-sex marriage bans (and the subsequent legalization of same-sex marriage in the four appealing states) has elicited strong responses across the country, but especially in the states affected. We asked a few within the Affirmation community to share their thoughts and feelings with us.