Washington DC

Washington DC Area LGBT Mormons and Friends to Celebrate Pioneer Day

15/07/2013 |

BBQ/Social Will Be Held July 21 in Fairfax, VA Please note change of venue Join us in celebration of Pioneer Day on Sunday, July 21, 2013, 3:00-7:00 PM! We have…

Orgullo de DC: cuando los Baxters se unieron

19/06/2013 |

On Saturday, June 8, our family marched in Washington DC’s Capital Pride Parade for the first time.

Collage Afirmación 2018

Orgullo mormón en DC: un informe de nuestro stand

18/06/2013 |

People are marching–not only in parades across the country, but by spreading this message of love (as well as education) to others within the LDS community by James Brinton » The…

Affirmation Christmas Party in Washington DC

06/01/2013 |

Chants Intoned, Albino Pachyderms Exchanged by Edward Jones III I was at the office far too early in the morning. I heard a noise and looked through the haze of cigarette…