This Reversal Lets Me Know That There Are so Many Things We Do Not Know

abril 7, 2019

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by Reade Gloeckner

Sometido a afirmación luego de que La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días revocara sus cambios de política de noviembre de 2015 que prohibían que los hijos de padres LGBTQ fueran bendecidos y bautizados y caracterizaron a los miembros de la iglesia que contraen matrimonios del mismo sexo como apóstatas. Estos cambios se conocieron dentro de la comunidad LGBTQ mormona como la "política de exclusión", "política de exclusión" o "PoX". El día después de que se anunció la revocación de esta política, Nathan Kitchen, presidente de Afirmación, invitó a todos los que estuvieran dispuestos a compartir sus sentimientos auténticos y todas sus historias de dolor, ira, alivio, tristeza, felicidad, confusión, lo que sea que los rodea. la rescisión de esta política. “Como presidente de Afirmación, quiero asegurarme de que Afirmación no los oculte a usted ni a sus historias a medida que avanzamos”, escribió Kitchen en su invitación. Si tiene reacciones o una historia para compartir sobre la revocación de la política de exclusión, envíela a [email protected]. Tú también puedes leer otras historias y reacciones a la revocación de la política de exclusión.

When I heard about the November 2015 policy, I was somewhat saddened. I was mostly saddened for the young children of LGBTQ parents as this meant they could not be blessed or baptized. The fact that they were required to disavow their parents in order to be baptized at age 18 seemed so contrary to such a family oriented church.

Deep down, I knew this did not make sense. In my mind, this did not come as a revelation from our Heavenly Father. I knew many were angered by this policy, and while I did not want to take away from those who were hurting; I knew based on my journey, that this would be resolved in a few years. It was a peace I had within.

In my journey, I have felt very close to the spirit guiding me to stay, guiding me to follow as many commandments as given by our leaders even though I am a gay Latter-day Saint. I know when I have been amiss in my life. I have made many poor choices and I suffered for those and continue to suffer for my poor choices. Some of these choices can not be reversed. I’m okay with that. All I can do is take care of my own path and journey and do the best I can to make up for those mistakes.

I once considered getting married to a gay male but that is no longer the choice. I was told by who I consider my angel on earth to not give up my religion for anyone or anything. I stand steadfast with this goal. I’m gay and blessed as an artist. I honestly do not feel that I have much time on this earth and I’m good with that. I feel peace over who I am and know that I can make a difference in others lives through what I’m doing. I will not allow these policies to affect how I’m going to handle my last days here on earth.

I cannot imagine the hurt that those who are younger and not on my journey have had to endure. But for me, this reversal lets me know that there are so many things we do not know. We must just live to the best that we can and hope that the love of our Savior will make up for all of the unfairness we have had to endure at the hands of so many as we have lived here as LGBTQ individuals. We can either make it a happy time or a miserable time.

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  1. Michael en 09/04/2019 en 4:19 PM

    You said, “I knew based on my journey, that this would be resolved in a few years.” That’s quite beautiful. I knew it was wrong, but I did not have any sense for how quickly it would be withdrawn. I’m glad you had that guidance and peace.

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