Today, I Am a Believer in God and No Longer in a Doctrine

abril 7, 2019

Hombre, fe, rezando

de Luiz Correa

Sometido a afirmación luego de que La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días revocara sus cambios de política de noviembre de 2015 que prohibían que los hijos de padres LGBTQ fueran bendecidos y bautizados y caracterizaron a los miembros de la iglesia que contraen matrimonios del mismo sexo como apóstatas. Estos cambios se conocieron dentro de la comunidad LGBTQ mormona como la "política de exclusión", "política de exclusión" o "PoX". El día después de que se anunció la revocación de esta política, Nathan Kitchen, presidente de Afirmación, invitó a todos los que estuvieran dispuestos a compartir sus sentimientos auténticos y todas sus historias de dolor, ira, alivio, tristeza, felicidad, confusión, lo que sea que los rodea. la rescisión de esta política. “Como presidente de Afirmación, quiero asegurarme de que Afirmación no los oculte a usted ni a sus historias a medida que avanzamos”, escribió Kitchen en su invitación. Si tiene reacciones o una historia para compartir sobre la revocación de la política de exclusión, envíela a [email protected]. Tú también puedes leer otras historias y reacciones a la revocación de la política de exclusión.

I can only begin by telling my story about the 2015 policy reversal with a question. What father would take away from his son the privilege of serving Him? The 2015 policy hit my family and me mainly. I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since I was 15 years old. I served with great love and hard work in all my callings. I was a full-time missionary and always dreamed that one day my children could follow this same path and doctrine.

I married a woman in the São Paulo Temple. The Lord blessed me with a daughter who I taught the gospel principles to and always encouraged her to be in the church even after I accepted my being gay. Her mother did as well.

Leading up to the release of the exclusion policy in November 2015, my partner, daughter, and I attended church every Sunday. We were constantly discussing my daughter’s great desire to serve a mission, which made me extremely happy. After the release of the policy, she told me that she no longer wanted to go on a mission because she would be denying the love and support she had for her parents and their same-sex relationships. She said could not preach something that she herself did not agree with and that it would go against the feelings she had for us.

Her decision made me very sad. Worse, the policy change also led to her decision to no longer want to attend church on Sundays. She turned away completely from the gospel that she was born into. I still attended, but my feelings for the church were diminished because of the policy.

Today, I do not see the church as a place I want to be. The church may have brought me many joys, friends, a healthy way of life, and a daughter I love; but, it has managed to destroy my family’s dreams and desires.

What is important to me today is the knowledge that God, my Eternal Father, loves me as I am. I am sure that he was not the one who instructed church leaders to exclude the children of same-sex couples. I am sorrowful for everything that was done that separated families, for the loved ones lost, for those who lost their desire to serve, and for the many who left the church. Why did all of this have to happen? To exclude people when Jesus Christ asks us to be united? The damage has been done. I do not believe the reversal of this policy will change anything. Today, I am a believer in God and no longer in a doctrine.

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