Nuestra Visión y Valores



Our Vision

La afirmación:

  • Foster intersectional awareness, inclusivity (regardless of location on the faith spectrum), healing, self-acceptance and spiritual self-reliance of LGBT Mormons, both in and out of the LDS Church
  • Empower LGBT Mormons to claim their faith as Latter-day Saints
  • Empower LGBT people of Mormon heritage to claim their own spiritual journey
  • Be viewed as the “go to” organization in and out of the LDS Church for information and resources related to ministry to and with the LGBT Mormon community
  • Work toward providing face-to-face community for LGBT Mormons in every region and country of the world where the Church has a major presence
  • Foster deepened, robust, transparent, and positive engagement with LDS Church leadership that enables/enhances LGBT participation in the life of the Church, regardless of relationship status


Our Shared Leadership & Organizational Values

  • Christ-like love, respect, optimism, humility, patience, non-judgment
  • Authenticity, openness, and integrity
  • Diversity, objectivity, impartiality, non-discrimination, inclusivity, gender equity, cultural competence
  • Living by the spirit to foster increased learning and understanding
  • Model/be an example for others of a happy gay Mormon life
  • Supporting all affected by the nexus of sexual orientation and gender identity and Mormonism, supporting each person according to their individual needs
    • Avoid taking positions on church doctrine
    • Avoid taking positions on how people choose to act on their sexuality or not
    • Honrar y apoyar a las personas independientemente de cómo decidan relacionarse con la iglesia.
    • Provide a sounding board for those who are hurting
    • Become a place of healing
    • Honor each individual’s path and help them process through it
  • Own our faith, following our own inspired agenda as we welcome conversation with the church
  • Support church activity among the LGBT LDS crowd who is interested, creating a world where gender and sexual diversity and LDS faith coexist
  • Avoid duplicating anything being done by other groups but develop cooperative relationships to support others and bring us to unity


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