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An Evening with Carson Tueller, 2022 Affirmation Connections

May 2, 2022 |

Carson Tueller is a speaker, presenter, and personal development coach. He is also the past president of Affirmation. Come hear about his coming out, his amazing advocacy work for LGBTQIA+ individuals and people with disabilities, and how he navigated his personal Queer/Latter-day Saint intersection.

Called to Queer – LIVE!, 2022 Affirmation Connections

May 2, 2022 |

Called to Queer launched in December 2021. Its purpose is to hold space for queer Mormon women, genderqueer, and intersex folks and close the gap for queer individuals who have some connection to the Mormon community, who aren’t cis men. No matter your sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, Colette and Kate will no doubt prompt you to think deeper and seek queer joy.

President’s Hour with Nathan Kitchen, 2022 Affirmation Connections

May 2, 2022 |

Nathan Kitchen is in the final year of his second term as President of Affirmation. Since becoming president in 2019, he’s led the organization through significant organizational changes, including revising Affirmation’s mission, creating a vision for the organization, and developing a strategic plan. This session includes remarks from Nathan and an opportunity to ask Nathan questions about his leadership in Affirmation and advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ Latter-day Saint community.

Affirmation 101, 2022 Affirmation Connections

May 2, 2022 |

New to Affirmation or want to learn more about the history of Affirmation, what Affirmation is doing today, and how you can get more involved? Join us for Affirmation 101!

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Confusion, Calmness, and Again Confusion

May 5, 2019 |

I do not know if this is a real change. I just can not imagine God saying, “do not baptize your children,” and three years later, “well, it’s okay, yes, do it.” It does not seem logical to me.

Glasses on Scripture

Unanswered Questions and Shaken Faith

April 16, 2019 |

It is hard to reconcile a religion whose leader tells us the policy is a revelation from God and then just a short time later reverses the policy with no apologies or recognition of the pain it caused.

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A Letter to the Latter-day Saint Prophet: LGBT Policy Lacking in Love

April 16, 2019 |

Gay members needed to return to the closet and continue to live in dark places, unheard, unseen, or be banished to a life of celibacy. I cried and cried when I read this policy, and could not, nor do I still understand or accept such a policy.

Submitted to Affirmation following The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint’s reversal of their November 2015 policy changes that prohibited children of LGBTQ parents from being blessed and baptized and characterized members of the church entering into same-sex marriages as apostates. These changes became known within the LGBTQ Mormon community as the “exclusion policy,” “policy of exclusion,” or “PoX.” The day after the reversal of this policy was announced, Nathan Kitchen, President of Affirmation, invited anyone willing to and share their authentic feelings and all their stories of grief, anger, relief, sadness, happiness, confusion, whatever they may be that surround the rescinding this policy. “As President of Affirmation, I want to be sure Affirmation does not hide you or your stories as we move forward,” wrote Kitchen in his invitation. If you have reactions or a story to share about the reversal of the exclusion policy, please send to submissions@affirmation.org. You can also read other stories and reactions to the reversal of the exclusion policy.

Revelation as Individuals or as a Church Never Divests Us of Our Agency

April 15, 2019 |

The Lord may keep back-up plans ready so that his designs can’t be subverted by human stupidity or intransigence, but he also tends to let us learn the hard way—even as he’s there with us through the process.

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I Have Confidence in My Own Moral Compass

April 15, 2019 |

The most prominent emotion I currently feel is confidence—confidence in my own moral compass, my own ability to recognize when something is wrong and to act accordingly. I can—as my mother has always encouraged me—be the change I want to see in the world and our church.