How Can I Contribute?

If you want to contribute to making the world a safer, more loving space for LGBT Mormons and their families and friends, three ways to do that are:

1) Make a one-time or monthly donation to Affirmation.

2) by making recurring (monthly, quarterly or annual) donations to Affirmation, or

3) by becoming a member of Affirmation.



Affirmation relies heavily on donations and grants in order to make conferences and leadership development retreats accessible, to provide high-quality resources online, and to provide operational support to our volunteers. We need your support to more effectively strengthen LGBTQ/SSA Mormons throughout the world!

On-going donations on a monthly basis will help us to provide services and support more consistently and reliably. $10 per month is enough to sponsor one youth at our annual international conference. $20 per month is enough to enable one non-US Affirmation volunteer to travel to a leadership training event. $1000 per year enables us to organize one leadership training event in Latin America or Europe.

Click here to make a one-time donation or to set up monthly donations to support Affirmation.



It is possible to participate in Affirmation and not be a member. Most of the thousands of individuals worldwide who take advantage of Affirmation’s conferences, retreats, gatherings, social media and online resources, and who believe in and love Affirmation, are not members. Consider becoming a member of Affirmation today! The difference between a “member” of Affirmation and a “participant” is that members contribute time, talents and financial support, and participate in organizational decision-making through elections in order to support our mission

Click here to become a member

Every time you donate money or volunteer time, you help create safe spaces and unconditionally loving community for LGBT Mormons, their families, and friends. You help provide life-saving resources. You help promote dialog whose goal is to eliminate the causes of trauma for LGBT Mormons and their families.

Thank you for your love, your hope, your prayers and your support!