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How Your Membership in Affirmation has an Impact

Liderazgo de Afirmación 2019 en la Conferencia Internacional

June 26, 2019

2019 Affirmation Leadership at International Conference

by Joel McDonald

Affirmation is the world’s oldest organization of, by, and for LGBTQ Mormons and their families and friends. Affirmation has been a refuge in the storm for those at the intersection of sexual orientation, gender identity, and faith within the Mormon community since 1977. Historically, Affirmation has been a member organization where activities and efforts were supported by membership dues and funded local chapters. Over the last five years, Affirmation has rapidly grown both within and outside the United States.

In order to support this growing community, Affirmation is evolving as an organization. Part of this evolution is seeking support from large donors and grants, as any nonprofit the size of Affirmation would. However, even as Affirmation hires full-time staff and develops new, diverse sources of funding, we cannot fulfill our mission of support for LGBTQ Mormons without a diverse, worldwide network of people who volunteer in local chapters and offer financial support. Becoming a member of Affirmation means being willing to be a part of that network of support. It is a concrete statement that you stand in solidarity with LGBTQ Mormons and that you want to make a difference.

Being a member of Affirmation is more than just paying dues and having voting privileges. It’s a commitment to being an active, strategic, loving, visible support in places where we are needed by the most vulnerable in our community. We know that one of the strengths of the LGBTQ Mormons is a strong desire and ability to serve others. Membership in Affirmation is a service in the LGBTQ Mormon community, either directly by serving in leadership roles in your local chapter, region, or internationally; or by providing the support necessary for Affirmation to serve the LGBTQ Mormons community around the world in a variety of ways.

What Your Affirmation Membership Does

Your Membership Supports Local Chapters and Activities

A strong welcoming and affirming community is so important for LGBTQ Mormons. As a member of Affirmation, you will be supporting local chapters and activities that provide this critical face-to-face community.

Your Membership Helps LGBTQ Mormons Around the World Know They Aren’t Alone

LGBTQ Mormons often feel alone before discovering Affirmation and the community and resources it provides. As a member, you will be helping others find Affirmation and realize they aren’t alone and that there are those who understand, love, and accept who they are.

Your Membership Trains Leaders Around the World

With the Church being a worldwide church, Affirmation must provide community and support to LGBTQ Mormons around the world and have local leaders capable and equipped to meet the needs in their area. By being a member, you ensure these leaders have the training they need to serve.

Your Membership Provides A Healing Community to Those Who Desperately Need It

Far too many LGBTQ Mormons lose their family, friends, or church community when they come out. By being a member of Affirmation, you ensure that all LGBTQ Mormons can find a loving and inclusive community to belong.

Your Membership Keeps Affirmation’s Website and Digital Resources Online

Most LGBTQ Mormons find Affirmation online as we maintain a robust and ever improving website and social media presence. By being a member of Affirmation, you ensure that our website and these digital resources remain online and available for LGBTQ Mormons to find and connect to the Affirmation community.

Your Membership Provides Suicide Prevention Training and Awareness

As an organization for LGBTQ+ individuals who reside within a heightened risk factor, we cannot ignore the sheer importance of suicide prevention and trauma awareness in our community. As a member of Affirmation, you provide critical suicide prevention and awareness training for all those who seek it.

Become a Member or Sustaining Member of Affirmation

Membership in Affirmation starts at $35 per year ($10 in Latin America). For those in a position to do so, you’re invited to become a Sustaining Member of Affirmation for $120 per year ($48 in Latin America). Both membership levels have the option to auto-pay monthly, annually, or be reminded annually via email when your membership is up for renewal. Sustaining Members will receive a membership card with a member ID that can be used for discounted registration to Affirmation regional and international conferences and a specially designed lapel pin to show their support of Affirmation.

Become a Member or Sustaining Member of Affirmation now.


  1. Chris Goforth on July 2, 2019 at 11:37 PM

    I am a homosexual Mormon .
    I am a member,but feel very alone , and feel that I am hiding from my church family .
    I am not convinced that God would want any person to feel so totally alone , and to never have any kind of intimacy with another person.
    I don’t live the lifestyle. But believe that God did not design a human being to be so totally alone .

    • John conroy. Pinky pink on July 9, 2019 at 5:15 PM

      Yes God doesnt ever want us to be all alone out their. Everyone needs somebody no matter who it is. You. Are unique person abd dont ever let anyone tell you your less. Be proud of who you are

    • Steve Florman on July 12, 2019 at 7:54 AM

      You’re not alone. There are people in your ward/stake, and possibly even in your family, who support and love you. It’s been hard, but is becoming easier, for cis-het Saints (like me) to vocally support you and others like you, and even to express our hope and prayers for change in the church. I hope you’ll be able to find those in your local area, whether through Affirmation or in other ways, who can support you.

      God didn’t design us to be alone. “It is not good,” he said. 🙂 It may take time, but in the meantime, we can bravely refuse to let you be marginalized and cast out.

      Best from Minnesota!

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