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Let’s Gather the Sparkles

Affirmation Venezuela
First meeting of the year of Affirmation Venezuela.

by Marcial Fuenmayor

January 19, 2022

Affirmation Venezuela

First meeting of the year of Affirmation Venezuela.

by Marcial Fuenmayor

“Let us gather up the sparkles that the sun will cast, though they may faintly shine through clouds of sorrow. Gather them up; they pass us by; they already want to go away. A message of consolation only comes to leave. Let us gather the sparkles before the storm. They will shine in our life, like light in darkness. Retain the hope, forget the sorrows, Here’s another ray! Its solace treasure. Let us gather the glimmers in life as we pass, For everywhere we shall find suffering and sorrow. Let us cast away all doubt; let us not lose courage. The glimmers await us if we overcome fear”. – Recojamos los destellos, Spanish Hymnal

On Sunday, January 16, part of the members of Affirmation in Venezuela, held their first meeting of this year 2022, whose motto was “Let’s gather the sparkles”, in which they reviewed the main achievements and goals obtained in the past year, among which stand out: the reorganization of the chapter, the continuing growth through the addition of new members, the creation of alliances with other organizations, the formation of affinity groups, and the publication of stories and articles that make visible the challenges and the love of our Heavenly Father for His children. Most importantly, taking a message of love, hope, and acceptance to all the souls that require it and being a refuge, a new promised land, in which each person can develop their gifts and their wonderful potential in this life.

Gather the sparkles is a propitious motto, not only for this special meeting but as a Liahona or guide our lives. There are many challenges and battles that, as diverse and special children, we must endure with honor and good disposition, as did the soldiers of Helaman when they were going to fight the battles for the cause of freedom and love. Although today we do not fight on battlefields, we battle in different scenarios; in our personal lives, in our relationship with God, with our partners, in our jobs, and in our societies, giving the best of ourselves and being living testimonies of the love of Christ. And it is precisely this premise that we are raising this year in Affirmation Venezuela, collecting the sparkles, to achieve the goals in these twelve months, which will allow us to bring the message of light to every heart that needs it.


  1. Jonas on January 30, 2022 at 10:40 AM

    O trabalho é lindo, mas o sentimento de solidão ainda é existente em pessoas como eu, que ja fizeram contato com vcs e ainda assim, ae sentem desprezados e sozinhos

    • Marcial Fuenmayor on February 16, 2022 at 9:34 AM

      Caro Jonas, este é um processo que deve ser seguido passo a passo, mas no final, assim como a luz vence as trevas; assim também, o amor e a aceitação dissiparão a tristeza e a solidão.

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