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Monterey Park Lunar New Year Shooting: Holding Space in Time of Immense Sorrow

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by Affirmation

January 24, 2023

Our Beloved Affirmation Family,

On Saturday, January 21st, 11 Asian American individuals were shot and killed, and even more injured during a Lunar New Year Celebration in Los Angeles, California. As a community, we are no strangers to this loss, and we rally around and support the Asian-American members of our queer community who these events have most impacted. We recognize the contributions of Asian Americans in defending the rights of ALL citizens and, with the same compassion, hold space for these beloved communities during their time of immense sorrow.

We proclaim that Asian Lives Matter and, as an organization, will continue to uphold the marginalized who bring their beautiful intersections to our community. To demonstrate our support, we will look forward to a future of meaningful dialogue and impactful actions that will lead to further equity for all involved. In the meantime, our thoughts, prayers, and hearts go out to those who are mourning such an impactful loss, and we affirm that we share in your tears and recognize the depth of your pain. We likewise share your determination to come away from this tragedy with hope and dedication to change the world one profound action at a time.

With deepest love and empathy,

Melissa Malcolm King, President
Francisco J. Ruiz, Senior Vice President
Kate Mower, Vice President

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