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Save the Date: Affirmation 2013 Annual Conference

Save the Date: Affirmation 2013 Annual Conference

We are excited to announce that Affirmation’s 2013 Annual Conference will be held in Salt Lake City September 13-15 at the University of Utah’s Historic Officer’s Club, Guest House, and Conference Center.

Snapshots of Team Work, left to right: 1. LGBT Mormons and allies pray at a Pride Interfaith Service in Salt Lake City in 2004. 2. Allies march with LGBT Mormons in San Francisco in 2012. 3. Affirmation leaders join a Catholic deacon’s plea for marriage equality in Annapolis in 2006.

People of Faith as Allies: A Global Phenomenon with a Long History

Many People of Faith, LGBT and Straight, Are Working for Equality

Mellifluous voices: Randall Thacker, Tristan Schultheiss, Richard Templeman and Spencer W. Clark.

Affirmation Christmas Party in Washington DC

Chants Intoned, Albino Pachyderms Exchanged by Edward Jones III I was at the office far too early in the morning. I heard a noise and looked through the haze of cigarette […]

From left to right: Berta Marquez, Amy Larsen, Erika Munson, Kendall Wilcox, Affirmation President Randall Thacker, and Karen Brinkerhoff were some of many LGBTQ Latter-day Saints and allies who attended the event.

Love, Friendship, and Music in Highland

Friends and allies from many points along the spectrum of belief came together in Utah this Christmas season for a new tradition of gathering, support, and love.

Affirmation Member Helps Bring National Attention to “Conversion Therapy”

Affirmation Member Helps Bring National Attention to “Conversion Therapy”

In a historic case which received national media attention, Affirmation member Sam Wolfe is helping bring a lawsuit against an organization that claims to convert people from gay to straight.