“Onde está o amor”: veja a programação completa da conferência Affirmation 2016

07/08/2016 |

O tempo da conferência está chegando, e estamos ansiosos para ter palestrantes, programas e workshops incríveis com foco no empoderamento dos jovens, histórias trans e gêneroqueer, autocuidado, interseccionalidade, encontrando um caminho espiritual autêntico e muito, muito mais!

Strangers No More: The Affirmation Leadership Retreat, Missouri

22/05/2016 |

We need to recognize that what is strengthening to different people may be different. We need to foster self care and healing, finding our sources of spiritual strength — whatever those may be — and learning to accept ourselves.

Finding our Spiritual Footing

24/06/2014 |

I was able to arm myself with some tools to tackle some of the hard things I am dealing with thanks to the wonderful people I was able to meet and hear speak.

A recording of Salt Lake City’s June 22nd Affirmation FHE, “Finding our Spiritual Footing,” is provided here by the Affirmation Podcast.

“…Like Dragons Did They Fight” – Mosiah 20:11

22/06/2014 |

For many of us this was a completely unexpected journey we embarked upon when our children came out; one with a steep learning curve that has put us through the classic stages of grieving and brought us into the light of unconditional love and unequivocal acceptance of these children with a core identity different from our own.

Vivendo Vitoriosamente

12/07/2013 |

Podemos resistir à força apesar do ruído estático por Peter van der Walt Julho de 2013 Sobreviver não é suficiente. Para enfrentar constantemente, para tentar sobreviver, para tentar ...

Colagem de Afirmação 2018

LDS LGBT Summer Social/BBQ to Be Held in Utah

21/06/2013 |

June 28 at Highland Glen Park

2013 Annual Affirmation Conference: “New Frontiers”

20/03/2013 |

To be held in Salt Lake City September 13-15

Colagem de Afirmação 2018

LDS LGBT Social to be Held in West Valley

24/02/2013 |

Please join in a Fabulous evening of Food, Friends, and Fun for our March LDS LGBT Social. All SSA/LGTBs and those who love them are invited. All ages welcome!