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Your Truth Must Be Louder Than The Pulpit

08/02/2015 |

We want to hear your stories. To hear who you are, how God speaks to you, what you need in life, how you’ve been hurt, and how you’ve healed. Whether you are an LGBT person, self-identify as queer, have a family member or child who is, or are someone who simply wants to speak out and say that they wish to see more kindness, acceptance, and understanding come from the pulpit and from our communities… we need you! Feel free to submit your stories to Affirmation at [email protected] with “Story Submission in the subject line.


05/04/2014 |

Hesitei em comparecer até que ouvi uma voz em minha mente: "Você tem que ir ao Templo"


05/04/2014 |

Yo dudaba en asistir hasta que escuché una voz en mi mente: “Tienes que ir al templo”