2020 Pride OG

Comemore o Orgulho, comprometendo-se com a igualdade, justiça e libertação

03/06/2020 |

Aqui, no início do Mês do Orgulho, somos lembrados de que ainda hoje existe uma terrível injustiça e que tal injustiça está enraizada no racismo. Convidamos a comunidade da Afirmação a celebrar o Orgulho este mês, juntando-se a nós no compromisso com a igualdade, justiça e libertação.

Afirmação no Orgulho Mundial

01/08/2019 |

O presidente da Affirmation, Nathan Kitchen, compartilha sua experiência e percepções da participação da Affirmation no WorldPride 2019 na cidade de Nova York. “Este é um círculo de amor e apoio cimentado por conexões pessoais ainda mais fortes do que o Orgulho Mundial. É o tipo de construção de comunidade pela qual os Mórmons são conhecidos. E eu espero que todos vocês participem. ”

Affirmation Pride in DC Celebrates Intersectionality, Shared Struggle and Resilience

20/06/2017 |

As a fairly feminine woman, no one would know I was bisexual unless I told them. My coworkers think my gender neutral pronouns are just a product of my liberal upbringing. Or, maybe they think I’m being funny. My friends at church assume I’m an ally. My family assumed I was always going to support a friend. I think that at times I have too often been complicit in my own bierasure. Though, I remind myself that it is not my fault that people see what they want to see. Also, everyone has their own journey.

“Onde está o amor”: veja a programação completa da conferência Affirmation 2016

07/08/2016 |

O tempo da conferência está chegando, e estamos ansiosos para ter palestrantes, programas e workshops incríveis com foco no empoderamento dos jovens, histórias trans e gêneroqueer, autocuidado, interseccionalidade, encontrando um caminho espiritual autêntico e muito, muito mais!

Affirmation Pride: Why Will You March?

26/05/2016 |

Bring all of who you are and march with us. Bring a sign. Bring a picture. Bring a poster or a painting. Something that symbolizes a significant piece of your journey and/or who you are.

We invite allies to come join us and show solidarity! Bring something that symbolizes your celebration of the life of an LGBTQ+ loved one!

Mormon Pride: Why I March

31/05/2015 |

Why LGBT Mormons, families and friends are marching in Pride this year! “It is a way of reaching people on the outskirts, if you will, and letting them know that as disciples of Christ, we would welcome them with open arms, just as He would. Indeed that is what this activism is about. I have seen it give young gay Mormons the will to go on, to stay alive. This is why I march.”

Marcha Mórmons Gays no Orgulho de Taipei

02/11/2014 |

Assim como o New York Times recentemente chamou Taiwan de um “farol” para gays na Ásia, tenho esperança de que a igreja aqui se tornará a mesma coisa para os santos dos últimos dias em outras áreas asiáticas.

Living As My True, Authentic Self

12/10/2014 |

As I have educated myself about the Transgender (Trans) community, things seemed to fall into place in my head and heart. For the last several years as I have been in more inclusive spaces, it has helped me feel more comfortable with who I am, with what I need to do to feel right in my body and with admitting to myself and all the people in my life that I am Transgender myself.

Affirmation at LA Pride

26/06/2014 |

A special light came into the eyes of men and women who had once been close to the church but had distanced themselves because of the pain, when they read our sign and realized who we were. It was beautiful to listen to their stories, share ours, and express our love for them.