Karen Everett: Documenting the Lesbian Experience

karen_everettby Jason Clark
July 2005

Karen Everett is an independent filmmaker living in San Francisco. Her award-winning documentaries and personal film memoirs have played in festivals worldwide, aired on television, and are distributed to the educational and home video markets.

After attending Brigham Young University in the early 1980s, Everett moved to Massachusetts, where she accepted her lesbianism and fell in love with a woman.

Two of Everett’s Mormon-relevant documentaries are My Femme Divine and Framing Lesbian Fashion.

Part memoir and part documentary, My Femme Divine draws from Mormon teachings and Jungian psychology to explore the butch/femme mystique. Throughout this remarkably crafted film, two lively groups talk butch-to-butch and femme-to-femme about yin/yang chemistry and a love that borders on worship.

Framing Lesbian Fashion includes a semi-autobiographical account of director Karen Everett’s “fashion journey” from a traditional Mormon student at Brigham Young University to coming out in Northampton, Mass.–nicknamed “Lesbianville, U.S.A.”

Everett is currently directing a personal documentary, Women in Love, the intimate story of seven women navigating their love lives.

Everett teaches at the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley, where she received her Masters degree in Journalism in 1991.