Transgender Resources

A transfeminine non-binary person and transmasculine gender-nonconforming person looking at a phone and laughing

Affirmation is dedicated to building a community that assures safety and a fullness of authenticity in the lives of all transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary persons. As an organization, we believe that the transgender voice is essential to any conversation about what we do as an organization and how we accomplish our mission and work to erase misconceptions about gender identity and expression.

There remains much misunderstanding in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints concerning transgender individuals and their families. This lack of education can lead to inconsistent treatment of transgender individuals across the church, resulting in tension for transgender persons at the intersection of their faith. It can also lead to misunderstanding among Latter-day Saints in the care and support of their transgender family members.

We believe that one of the best ways to navigate your journey is with your peers who have experienced and who are experiencing the same things you are. Here you will find our library of resources, videos, and articles on a large range of topics such as transitioning, mental health, gender dysphoria, family relationships, and transgender issues in the news. We hope that the stories you encounter here help you know that you are not alone. You are part of a wide network of peers and allies who support you and care about you.

If you are a parent, friend, or ally seeking education about the transgender community, one of the best resources for basic education is PFLAG’s “Guide to Being a Trans Ally.” This publication is available as a free download here. We hope that as you encounter the lived experiences of our transgender siblings who have chosen to share their remarkable stories, you'll better understand transgender issues both in the church and the larger society. What you learn can help you know how to best support your transgender family and friends.

From the Affirmation Community

Transgender Mormons struggle to feel at home in their bodies and their religion

April 2, 2015

One Sunday, in October 2013, Jensen announced her transgender identity to a Springville LDS singles ward bishop and asked if she could attend church.

” ‘I don’t know anything about being a transgender Mormon,’ ” she recalls him saying, ” ‘but it’s my job to welcome you..’ ”

The Springville experience was richer than the worship she knew during her youth, she says, because she could “be in tune with the Holy Spirit.”

Paula Ison 2014 Affirmation International Conference

Video: Paula Ison at the 2014 Affirmation International Conference

March 8, 2015

Paula Ison shares about her experience coming to know God’s love for her as a transexual woman. “Being transsexual is hard enough under any circumstances. Being transsexual in an active LDS family, like I was, was obviously that much harder.”

Sara Jade Woodhouse Video Interview

Video: Interview with Sara Jade Woodhouse

November 12, 2014

Sara Jade Woodhouse shares her personal story and experience as a transgender woman, all while painting. She says, “There are really tough times, but overall, I get a feeling that progress is being made; that we’re moving forward, in general. We’re not moving backward.”

Transmormon Film Awarded “Tree of Life” Award at 2014 Annual Conference

October 26, 2014

The Tree of Life Award was established in 2013 as an annual award to be presented for the best book, article, film, play or other creative/expressive material that presents authentic LGBT Mormon stories to the world.

Reaching out to Transgender Mormons via Family Home Evening

October 22, 2014

A few months ago, the Spirit moved upon me to do something to fellowship my transgender and gender variant brothers and sisters. I wanted to provide a safe, non-judgmental, loving way to help my brothers and sisters continue to live a spiritual life, even when circumstances may have closed them out of the circle of fellowship within the church.

Living As My True, Authentic Self

October 12, 2014

As I have educated myself about the Transgender (Trans) community, things seemed to fall into place in my head and heart. For the last several years as I have been in more inclusive spaces, it has helped me feel more comfortable with who I am, with what I need to do to feel right in my body and with admitting to myself and all the people in my life that I am Transgender myself.

Neca Allgood and Grayson

Video: A Mormon Mom’s Story of Unconditional Love for Her Transgender Son

July 14, 2014

In this video produced by Equality Utah, Neca Allgood and her son Grayson share their experience having Grayson come to terms with his gender identity and his transition in an active Mormon family.

Eri Hayward Transmormon Documentary


December 17, 2013

Eri Hayward was born and raised in Utah as a boy. Her slow, painful journey to be recognized as a transgender woman lasted years. This short documentary explores her relationship with her family, her body, and her conservative Mormon upbringing.

In Keeping with the Values and Morals Taught in Our Faith

March 21, 2013

Speech delivered by Berta Marquez during an anti-discrimination rally on the steps of the Utah Capitol on March 13, 2013