Affirmation Venezuela

Affirmation Venezuela visits the LGBTQI+ Community Center of Mérida

April 29, 2023 |

Many united voices, to the clamor of the same feeling, are the key to success when you want to achieve the necessary changes for the construction of a more just…

Autumn Marks the Passage of a Year of Growth for Affirmation Venezuela

November 23, 2022 |

Our hope and prayer are that every person within the LGBTQIA+ community whose heart has been wounded may heal through the refuge of love Affirmation Venezuela seeks to provide, where all may find solidarity and appreciation of learning.

First Affirmation Venezuala Conference, “Challenges of Freedom”

August 13, 2022 |

Affirmation Venezuela held its first conference. The theme was “Challenges of Freedom,” where attendees experienced God’s love to heal wounds and restore faith in themselves.

A Morning of Laughter to Heal the Soul

June 12, 2022 |

The importance of laughter goes far beyond a single moment, a response to a joke or funny picture on social media. Including laughter in our lives is an attitude, a philosophy, that can increase our gratitude and ability to see the positive.

First Affirmation Film Forum in Venezuela

September 24, 2021 |

Affirmation Venezuela held its first quarterly film forum. The aim of his activity is to raise awareness of, educate, and discuss different issues that concern our community that as reflected by popular films. On this occasion, the film selected was by renowned American director and writer, Joel Edgerton, titled Boy Erased.

Light Prism Rainbow

“Many Colors, One Light” from the 2021 Affirmation International Conference

September 24, 2021 |

We have a great deal of joy and enthusiasm in our hearts following the International Conference, as it provided an opportunity for us to edify one another and our multicolored and luminous souls as we testified of the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father for His children and that authenticity is a virtue that should always shine as a testimony of His infinite mercy for us.