Reversal of the November 2015 Policy on Gay Families

You Can Redact the Policy, but You Can’t Undo the Damage

April 6, 2019 |

I’m mad at all the hurt this has caused, only for it to all be undone 4 years later. I really wish the policy wasn’t put in place in the first place.

Calle llena de gente

Who is Actually Being Served by the Exclusion Policy Reversal?

April 6, 2019 |

The policy and its reversal are about a conversation the Church is having with itself: a kind of “we can meet you halfway here” when the “you” is not even in the room, and the “we” represents a kind of heterosexist echo chamber.

Hombre llora

Joy of Baptism, Suffering of Exclusion

April 6, 2019 |

Many, many still suffer. Many have been rejected. Many have been expelled and many cried for many years. Many feel excluded.

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In the Aftermath: Personal Reflections

April 6, 2019 |

I also view the present moment with the belief that God knows all, loves all, and will make all things right. I wish for some kind of reckoning in the here and now, but failing that, I believe an accounting will be had.

Hombre sentado en banco de concreto solo

You Can’t Walk Back the Pain

April 6, 2019 |

Perhaps it’s not supposed to be a happy thing, But a less sad thing that could have simply started with, “We made a mistake and we’re sorry”.

Christmas Manger

Celebrating Christmas with His Teachings of Absolute Inclusion

December 21, 2015 |

We will stand with the “red letter” words of Jesus himself, following his radical policies of absolute love and absolute inclusion.  These are the words and the actions we will celebrate this Christmas, for these are the “tidings of great joy.”