Troy Mitchell receives 2021 Affirmation Mortensen Award

September 24, 2021

Troy Mitchell Mortensen Award

by Affirmation

At the September 12 plenary session of the 2021 Affirmation International Conference, Olin Thomas presented the nominees for and the recipient of the 2021 Affirmation Mortensen Award. This year’s award was given to Troy Mitchell. This award is named in honor of Paul Mortensen, the first to receive it and one of the founders of Affirmation, and is the highest honor Affirmation can bestow upon an individual member.

Troy Mitchell is a community builder, organizing Fathers in Affirmation in 2015. He identified a need for the group, leaders, and worked with members of the Board to create the group and make it one of the most successful affinity groups in Affirmation. As of today, the group has over 400 members and an efficient and caring leadership team for all the GBTQ fathers in Affirmation.

Troy is a therapist by profession and has been well positions to provide culturally competent help to others in Affirmation. He has done so selflessly, sometimes at all hours of the night, as Fathers in Affirmation received calls for help from the community on a regular basis.

Troy has demonstrated long-term and successful leadership and service in Affirmation. He not only began Fathers in Affirmation, but he also served as the Affirmation Intermountain West Region president, supporting chapters from Canada to Arizona.

Affirmation is changed for the better for the work Troy Mitchell has done.

Other nominees for the 2021 Affirmation Mortensen Award were Laurie Lee Hall, Justis Tuia, Jena Lowry Peterson, Evan Smith, Melissa Malcolm King, Nathan Kitchen, and Francisco Ruiz.

The Affirmation Mortensen Award Committee receives nominations annually ahead of Affirmation’s International Conference. Only members of Affirmation may nominate a fellow member to receive this award. All past Affirmation Mortensen Award winners are invited to serve on the committee to consider nominations. The nominees and the recipient of the Affirmation Mortensen Award are shared at Affirmation’s annual International Conference.

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