A transfeminine non-binary person and transmasculine gender-nonconforming person looking at a phone and laughing

Affirmation is dedicated to building a community that assures safety and a fullness of authenticity in the lives of all transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary persons. As an organization, we believe that the transgender voice is essential to any conversation about what we do as an organization and how we accomplish our mission and work to erase misconceptions about gender identity and expression.

There remains much misunderstanding in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints concerning transgender individuals and their families. This lack of education can lead to inconsistent treatment of transgender individuals across the church, resulting in tension for transgender persons at the intersection of their faith. It can also lead to misunderstanding among Latter-day Saints in the care and support of their transgender family members.

We believe that one of the best ways to navigate your journey is with your peers who have experienced and who are experiencing the same things you are. Here you will find our library of resources, videos, and articles on a large range of topics such as transitioning, mental health, gender dysphoria, family relationships, and transgender issues in the news. We hope that the stories you encounter here help you know that you are not alone. You are part of a wide network of peers and allies who support you and care about you.

If you are a parent, friend, or ally seeking education about the transgender community, one of the best resources for basic education is PFLAG’s “Guide to Being a Trans Ally.” This publication is available as a free download here. We hope that as you encounter the lived experiences of our transgender siblings who have chosen to share their remarkable stories, you'll better understand transgender issues both in the church and the larger society. What you learn can help you know how to best support your transgender family and friends.

From the Affirmation Community

General Handbook

New Church handbook provides some clarity but minimizes LGBTQ identities

February 19, 2020

While applauding the increase in transparency and clarity the new handbook provides, Affirmation remains concerned that Church policy diminishes the lived experience of LGBTQ individuals.

Emmett Claren Transmormon

FTM (TransMormon) – My Positive Church Experience

October 4, 2019

Yes, you can be Trans and Mormon, though there are many ways to do this. My journey is just one example and I hope this video can help someone who is trying to figure out their relationship with the Church.

Juanita, a Trans-Cendental Leader

September 9, 2019

I’ve been through years of suffering, challenges, and change in my life. Having been a Latter-day Saint, and having that legacy of pioneers in my heart, I had an example in persevering through struggle.

Kris Irvin Hug a Transgender Mormon

Thoughts on the Death of the PoX

April 10, 2019

Mourn with me. Stand with me. And then help me strive to make a place for everyone to belong in this Church. We have a long way to go. Let’s get to work.

Diverse Hands Together

Church Leadership Needs to Take Action to Change Attitudes toward Queer Members

April 7, 2019

We felt like the Church had turned its back on us. It’s frustrating to me for that reason that, while this change is positive, it didn’t come with an apology or action for change.

A transfeminine non-binary person and transmasculine gender-nonconforming person looking at a phone and laughing

The Importance of Visibility: Really Seeing Transgender People

March 31, 2019

We, as cisgender people, have to make the effort to understand. We have to see transgender individuals for the beautiful people they are and recognize their contributions to society and our own lives.

Samantha Allen Real Queer America

Former BYU Student Samatha Allen Shares Stories of LGBTQ Americans in Conservative States

March 6, 2019

Samantha Allen toured some of the most conservative states in the US to collect and share the stories of the LGBTQ Americans who live there. She’s now published this collection of stories in her new book.

Társio Benício

Finding Peace through Gratitude in the Face of Adversity

February 22, 2019

Do not be a victim. Take care of your wounds. If you can not handle them alone, seek professional help. Trying to heal where you have been hurt is almost impossible if your situation does not change. Purposefully separate yourself from those things or people that hurt you. No matter how bad your family members are, you cannot stop being who you are.

Laurie Lee Hall

Laurie Lee Hall, Affirmation Senior Vice President, Warns Against Transerasure on Salt Lake Tribune’s ‘Mormon Land’

February 12, 2019

“Ultimately, an individual often gets to a point where they must live the way they feel internally, in their mind and heart, how they are,” Hall explained. “Identity is a sense of self that’s in the mind, in the heart, and in the soul that transcends the actual physical biology, whatever that may be.”

Trans Mormons Refuse to be Erased

Trans Mormons Refuse to be Erased

November 3, 2018

We denounce any intention to erase rights and protections of transgender, queer, and intersex persons. We are sharing the voices of transgender individuals involved with Affirmation so that their voices are heard as no person must ever be threatened with erasure.