The father of a gay Mormon teen reflects on the doctrinal implications of requiring celibacy

octubre 19, 2014

On the “No More Strangers” blog, Thomas Palani Montgomery discusses the difference between “celibacy” — a concept alien to Mormon doctrine and practice — and life-long “abstinence.”

“For those who do chose celibacy, I cannot express enough respect.  You are living a law not asked of anyone else in the Church.  It’s beyond the laws of sacrifice, the gospel and marriage. You have laid your hopes, dreams, future and family on the altar and given it all to the Lord.”

“I want every Mormon bishop to know what he is asking of the gay youth he counsels.  I want him to lead with compassion and put his judgments aside.  I want him to support these youth, whether they choose to stay in the Church or not.  Don’t crush that youth’s hopes and dreams demanding a commitment to celibacy.  Let them find themselves and work through complications that you haven’t even considered.  Listen and allow the spirit to edify both you and the gay youth in front of you.”

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