Afirmación: Mormones, familias y amigos LGBT

Historic Reorganization of the World’s Oldest and Largest Community for LGBTQ Mormons

06/03/2019 |

Affirmation launches new chapter development initiative to bring face-to-face community to 90% of LGBTQ Mormons in the US and Canada.

Parque de conferencias de afirmación

La afirmación lo necesita: Construyendo comunidades que cambian vidas a través de capítulos locales

04/01/2019 |

La comunidad no solo proporciona una caja de resonancia donde las personas pueden trabajar a través de las preguntas difíciles que enfrentan para descubrir cómo navegar por salir del armario, la fe y la familia; pero continúa proporcionando redes y recursos duraderos incluso más allá de los tiempos vulnerables.

Afirmación: Mormones, familias y amigos LGBT

Un mensaje del Comité Ejecutivo y la Junta Directiva de Afirmación: Mormones, familias y amigos LGBTQ

07/10/2018 |

Para aquellos en nuestra comunidad LGBTQ: los vemos. Tu eres digno. Eres amado. ¡Sabes quién eres y te validamos!

Foto de anillos de boda

Gay Marriage and Faith in Christ

05/07/2018 |

I feel distant, but at the same time not, from the church. I feel far away in the physical sense, not knowing sometimes how to introduce my husband, but close because I am with my Heavenly Father, and being close to Him unites me with the church and unifies my marriage.

Encouragement to Extend the Invitation

05/03/2018 |

Getting married to a man was hard for my family, but they were really great. I invited all my siblings and even some of my extended family. That being said, I was selective about who I invited. I didn’t feel the need to invite people that I didn’t feel particularly close to or people that I felt wouldn’t be supportive or happy on the day. My parents were still on the fence about things a bit, I think, but they were willing to come to support me and now they love my husband a lot. 

The Struggle for Human Rights Is Our Struggle Too

18/12/2017 |

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaims the inherent inalienable rights of all human beings, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, language, political or other opinions, national or social origin, property, place of birth. nor any other condition.

Tania Micaela Transgénero Argentina

Tania Micaela va a la Sociedad de Socorro

08/12/2017 |

Nadie dijo que sería fácil para una persona LGBT ser un miembro activo de esta iglesia. En esta historia, los padres de Tania han sido su apoyo. Le brindan el apoyo necesario para perseverar en su fe y religión.

Aire de esperanza en Argentina

14/11/2017 |

Meses de reuniones y discusiones entre los líderes de Afirmación y las autoridades de la iglesia en Argentina han abierto las puertas para que las personas LGBT asistan a las reuniones de la iglesia y posiblemente regresen a la Iglesia, incluida la hermana Sonia, una mujer transgénero en la provincia de Tucumán, que no había asistido a la iglesia desde antes. transición.

David Mansilla, Luiz Correa y Joel McDonald

Affirmation Completes Hiring of Web Team to Support English, Spanish, and Portuguese Communities

10/11/2017 |

The Internet is the safest way for LGBT Mormons to access information that is literally life-saving. The stories of others like them help them to realize they are not alone, and to see diverse examples of others who are leading happy, healthy, productive, spiritual lives. Making sure that that content is accessible and easy to find and that it actually connects with our target audiences is crucial to our mission. This web team will serve our English, Spanish, and Portuguese communities, helping to expand the reach of Affirmation.