"Donde está el amor": consulte el calendario completo de la conferencia de Afirmación 2016

07/08/2016 |

El tiempo de la conferencia llegará pronto, y estamos emocionados de tener oradores, programas y talleres increíbles que se enfocan en el empoderamiento de los jóvenes, historias trans y de género queer, cuidado personal, interseccionalidad, encontrar un camino espiritual auténtico, ¡y mucho, mucho más!

Strangers No More: The Affirmation Leadership Retreat, Missouri

22/05/2016 |

We need to recognize that what is strengthening to different people may be different. We need to foster self care and healing, finding our sources of spiritual strength — whatever those may be — and learning to accept ourselves.

Finding our Spiritual Footing

24/06/2014 |

I was able to arm myself with some tools to tackle some of the hard things I am dealing with thanks to the wonderful people I was able to meet and hear speak.

A recording of Salt Lake City’s June 22nd Affirmation FHE, “Finding our Spiritual Footing,” is provided here by the Affirmation Podcast.

“…Like Dragons Did They Fight” – Mosiah 20:11

22/06/2014 |

For many of us this was a completely unexpected journey we embarked upon when our children came out; one with a steep learning curve that has put us through the classic stages of grieving and brought us into the light of unconditional love and unequivocal acceptance of these children with a core identity different from our own.

Living Victoriously

12/07/2013 |

We Can Stand in Strength Despite Static Noise by Peter van der Walt July 2013 To survive is not enough. To constantly just cope, to aim to get by, to try…

Collage Afirmación 2018

LDS LGBT Summer Social / BBQ se llevará a cabo en Utah

21/06/2013 |

June 28 at Highland Glen Park

Conferencia anual de afirmación de 2013: "Nuevas fronteras"

20/03/2013 |

Se celebrará en Salt Lake City del 13 al 15 de septiembre

Collage Afirmación 2018

LDS LGBT Social to be Held in West Valley

24/02/2013 |

Please join in a Fabulous evening of Food, Friends, and Fun for our March LDS LGBT Social. All SSA/LGTBs and those who love them are invited. All ages welcome!