Michael Haehnel

Car Driving Sepia Winter Spring

COVID-19 and the Honor Code debacle – An existential meditation

17/03/2020 |

As I began my drive, I viewed the hillsides, fields, and woodlands here in upstate New York. Such scenery has become my chapel of holy reflection, and I was lost in the beauty of my surroundings. Despite the fact that the snows have only just receded and the color scheme is still tawny, slate, and charcoal, I still see God’s creation in all of it. I find God in nature, and God finds me there, too. 

Young Man Sitting Head in Hands Sad Despair Shame

“These Things” – Alma Condemns Spiritual Assault

10/09/2019 |

It is credible, therefore, to infer that the “these things” he was referring to are in fact any activities that lead to others’ loss of faith. Alma would have his son and anyone within the sound of his voice understand that spiritual injury to others is comparable to physical violence.

God Loves Us Just the Way We Are

My Testimony: God Loves Us Queers

14/08/2019 |

Line upon line, God taught me to be more comfortable with my queerness. Then, one miraculous day, I was ready to learn the greatest truth of all about my queerness.

Winter into Summer

Winter into Summer: Inevitable Change and the Need for Vigilance

07/05/2019 |

Society is coming to the truth that gender and sexuality do not fit neatly into boxes, that they entail numerous gradations, that they may be fluid, and how individuals respond to their own gender and sexuality is really a matter of individual agency.

Reflexión de la sombra del hombre

In the Aftermath: Reflexiones personales

06/04/2019 |

También veo el momento presente con la creencia de que Dios lo sabe todo, lo ama todo y lo arreglará todo. Deseo algún tipo de ajuste de cuentas aquí y ahora, pero de lo contrario, creo que se tendrá una contabilidad.

Gordon Hall at Harvard Medical School

True to the Universe

08/01/2019 |

The things that still need settling no longer vex me. Instead, I am curious…intrigued and excited even. I am true to myself now, and true to the universe. Or at least truer to the universe. So I am confident in the flow of things. Life’s an adventure now, not a slog.

Photo of book, possibly the Bible, with a heart made from two pages.


25/09/2018 |

Absolutists don’t exist “in and of themselves.” As we come to the time of General Conference, we relativists need to listen carefully for those knife-edged messages that can slice the hearts of those most fragile among us and be vocal in saying, “I don’t think so.”

Hombre mirando al espejo

Yo tengo valor y vivo según mi valor

01/07/2018 |

Cada uno de nosotros necesita pasar de la confusión y la incomodidad a la plenitud y la paz, donde nos damos cuenta de que nuestra rareza es una parte intrínseca de nuestro valor y decimos: "Yo valgo", y vivimos de acuerdo con ese valor.

Michael Haehnel

Finalmente, entendí lo que Dios me estaba diciendo: "Estás bien, gay y todo".

10/04/2018 |

Estoy indeciblemente agradecido de que Dios me haya protegido y me haya rescatado de mi propia homofobia. El Señor me ayudó a aferrarme a esta verdad: que volverme completamente yo mismo era lo mejor que podía hacer por aquellos a quienes amaba; solo entonces podría dar a otros de la abundancia de los dones que Dios me dio.