Gabriela y Luiz Correa

Tengo la bendición de tener un padre gay y una madre lesbiana

18/09/2018 |

Siempre me pregunté por qué mi padre, que siempre animaba a la gente a ir a la iglesia, a orar y a leer las Escrituras, no entraba a la iglesia con otras personas los domingos. Mi mamá decidió decirnos que nuestro papá era gay.

Dalin H Oaks y M Russell Ballard

Elders Oaks and Ballard Leave Many Questions Unanswered at Young Single Adult Broadcast

20/11/2017 |

Young single adults from around the world submitted over four thousand questions to Elders Oaks and Ballard to consider answering during a worldwide broadcast. More than one hundred of those questions dealt with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender members of the LDS Church or their family members and friends. Here’s what they answered, and some of what they did not.

Encontrar mi voz

02/10/2017 |

For a moment, it felt as if my friends and I could breathe. We could finally say “I’m gay” out loud without fear of losing our academic standing [at BYU]… Then California Proposition 8 happened.

Portland Affirmation hosts The Northwest Regional Conference; “Many Paths, One Heart”

19/02/2017 |

Many gathered the week of Jan 13-15, 2017 in Portland Oregon for a two-day conference focused on honoring the uniqueness of the lives and the choices of every member of the Affirmation family, in or out of the Church. Wherever our individual paths lead us, Affirmation is committed to the Zion-like quality of being ‘of one heart.’ Hence the title “Many Paths, One Heart.” Re-live the messages shared or watch for the first time.

Ann’s World #3

02/10/2016 |

“Ann’s World,” a comic about being trans and Mormon and so much more!

Ann’s World

07/09/2016 |

Introducing “Ann’s World,” a comic about being trans and Mormon and so much more!

The Dominican Republic Affirmation Chapter

28/08/2016 |

Affirmation Dominican leaders and other members have volunteered and joined forces to rent an office for The Rainbow Ark and have started program coordination, international affiliations, coordinating hosting and arranging visa process operations for incoming participants. For young adults 18+ and older The Organization will assist in work placement and provide help with accommodation, visas and relocation assistance.

"Donde está el amor": consulte el calendario completo de la conferencia de Afirmación 2016

07/08/2016 |

El tiempo de la conferencia llegará pronto, y estamos emocionados de tener oradores, programas y talleres increíbles que se enfocan en el empoderamiento de los jóvenes, historias trans y de género queer, cuidado personal, interseccionalidad, encontrar un camino espiritual auténtico, ¡y mucho, mucho más!

Women of Affirmation Phone Night: “Replenishing the Well”

17/01/2014 |

January 13, 6pm Pacific/7pm Mountain/8pm Central/9pm Eastern » See report of December’s phone night Women of Affirmation Phone Night is a get-together held every 2nd Monday of the month. It’s an…