Affirmation Survey on the Impact of the November 2015 Policy Change

setembro 6, 2016

One of the major challenges of the past year has been dealing with stress and trauma among LGBT Mormons and their families and friends in the wake of the LDS Church policy change of November 2015. The Affirmation leadership has received many anecdotal reports regarding the impact of the policy, both positive and negative.

In order to better understand and meet the needs of our community, the Affirmation Board has designed a survey to measure the impact of the new policy.

Participation in the survey is confidential. Aggregate results of the survey will be shared with the community, will be used to help plan programming and community support efforts, and will be used as a resource for education and dialog.

The survey should take about a half hour to complete.

Follow this link to access and take the survey:

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2 comentários

  1. Jenny Ramirez em 08/09/2016 às 9:10 AM

    It was clear to me that the Church does not accept us as members, so I decided to leave the Church, I hope for a better future, until then, I will only be an expectator.

  2. Richard Cypher em 08/09/2016 às 9:50 AM

    I am not involved with Affirmation, but I do appreciate what you are doing to support members of the LDS GLBT community. Not all of us have been a lucky and blessed as I am.

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