Looking for Stories Related to Latter-day Saints and Prop 8

julho 20, 2014

Greg Prince, a member of the Affirmation board of directors and author of David O. McKay e a ascensão do mormonismo moderno (University of Utah Press, 2005), is working on a definitive history of Latter-day Saints and California’s Proposition 8.  If you had any first-hand experiences relating to LDS involvement in Prop 8, before, during or after the 2008 election (and including recent years where reaction to Prop 8 has been a factor in other states), please send a narrative of those experiences. These narratives may become part of a published work on the subject, so your submission includes consent to have your story published.  Unless you request that your name be used, all information will be anonymous.

Your stories can address questions like:

  • How did this subject affect you personally?
  • What did you see happening in your family?  In your ward?
  • What long-term effect do you see it has had?

Send to [email protected]. Also, please forward this call for stories to everyone you think might contribute!

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