Boy Scouts

Bem-sucedida reunião de apoio SUD “Todos são iguais” realizada em Bakersfield

24/06/2013 |

Tom and Wendy Montgomery hosted the first “All Are Alike” LDS Support meeting in Bakersfield, California on June 9.

LGBT Mormons, Allies Celebrate Boy Scouts’ New Inclusive Policy

27/05/2013 |

Many LGBT Mormons, family members and allies expressed gratitude for the Boy Scouts’ May 23 decision to end their ban on gay youth—but they also expressed hope for the day when gay leaders will also be allowed to serve.

Ainda logo após todos esses anos: os escoteiros da América

22/02/2013 |

por Robert A. Rees Postado originalmente no No More Strangers Blog. Postado novamente com permissão. Para adicionar comentários, visite a postagem original. Eu nunca cheguei ao Escoteiro de Primeira Classe! Lendo isso…

Affirmation Vice President Featured on CNN

20/02/2013 |

Affirmation Senior Vice President John Gustav-Wrathall was featured today on CNN’s OutFront show with Erin Burnett in a segment about the “Mormon influence on Boy Scouts as [the] organization reconsiders [its] gay ban.”

Gay Scoutmaster Welcomed in Former Ward

13/02/2013 |

Former bishop Bob Bradley and Eagle Scout Taylor Bradley welcomed their out gay former Scoutmaster and former first counselor to the Mt. Airy ward this Sunday.